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Hydrometallurgical industry

ZGA408 Special Resin for Desalination and Decolorization of Xylose

1. Introduction:

“Hydrolite” ZG A408 is a macroporous styrene series weak basic anion exchange resin. Compare to other weak basic anion resins, it has better physical and chemical stability, bigger capacity and lower swelling rate. Because of its excellent mechanical strength, anti-attrition, anti-osmosis, anti-pressure and anti-oxidize ability, it is very suitable to desalination and decolorization of xylose. Under the normal operating condition, it could use 300-600 cycles, broken rate will be reduce 60-80% compare to normal weak basic anion resin.

The ionic form of ZGA408 is free amine during operating; it’s easy to combine with strong acid, when regenerate, it will react with alkali and create salt and water, then resin will return to it’s free amine ionic form. ZGA408 with bigger pore size and specific surface area, it could adsorb lots of macromolecule organic maters, the adsorption rate could reach to 80%-95%, elution rate is higher than 95%, the characteristics of ZGA408 will be superb for the application of xylose.

2. Physical and Chemical Properties:

Items Index
Appearance Milky White to Light Yellow Opacity Beads
Matrix Styrene
Ionic Form Free Amine
Moisture Content % 55~65
Capacity Based on Weight mmol/g ≥ 4.80
Capacity Based on Volume mmol/ml ≥ 1.25
True Density (True) g/ml 1.03~1.06
Shipping Weight g/ml 0.65~0.75
Whole Beads % ≥ 95.0
Particle Size Range % (0.45~1.25mm) ≥ 95.0
Lower Limited % (<0.45mm) ≤ 1.0
Uniform Coefficient ≤ 1.60
Swelling(OH-→S042-) % ≤ 16.0

3. Reference

Index Name Refernce
Height of Resin Bed m 1.5~3.0
Back Wash Space % 50~80
Back Wash Flexible Rate % 50~80
Regenerant NaOH
Regenerant Density % 4~5
Regenerant Dosage m3/m3-R 1.8~2.2
Regenerate Contact Time min 50~70
Replacement Time min 30~50
Rinse Flow Rate m/h 10~15
Operation Temperature ℃ 30~60
pH Range 0~7

4. Operation Guide:

Operate Solution Flow Rate(BV/h) Dosage(BV)
Sugar Recovery Clean Water 2.0~4.0 1.0~2.0
Back Wash Clean Water 2.0~4.0 1.0~2.0
Regenerate 4~5% NaOH Solution 1.5~2.0 2.0~2.5
Replacement DI or Pure Water 1.0~2.0 1.5~2.0
Rinse DI or Pure Water 10~15 1.5~2.0
Flushing DI Water 10~15 1.0~2.0
Operating Sugar Liquor 1.0~3.0 5~15

Noted: When start to back wash, the flow rate should be slow, after all of the resins become flexible, increase back wash flow rate step by step, after resins are fully operating, stable back wash flow rate until the output water of back wash is clean.

5. Anion Bed Operating Output Liquor Transmittance Curve

6. Anion bed operating output liquor pH Curve:

7. Anion Bed Operating Cycles Treatment Volume Change Curve:

8. Anion Bed Operating Cycles Broken Rate Change Curve

Manufacturing location: Ningbo City, China.

Distribution: Shipped from ZG Ningbo Factory to all the provinces in China and overseas.

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