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Zhengguang in the high-end field of resin manufacture base been constructed and put into operation

Release time: 2024-01-15

The resin used in the high-end field is known as the pearl in the crown of modern industry, and is an indispensable strategic new material for the high-quality development of the country. It is widely used in the "high precision" emerging science and technology industry, with broad market prospects. A few days ago, the fine processing production line of resin with an annual output of 15,000 tons in the high-end field of Zhengguang was officially completed and put into operation in Ningbo Hydrolite Liquid Separation Technology Co., LTD. The product process is mature, the performance is excellent, and the quality has reached the international advanced level.



Ningbo Hydrolite Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise established in October 2016, covering an area of 61 mu, located in the national chemical park Ningbo Petrochemical economic and technological development zone, has built resin processing center, technology application research and development center, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, is one of the important production bases under Zhengguang Share.


Resin fine processing center

The company's fine processing center relies on strong research and development strength, mainly dealing with food, drinking water, nuclear power, electronic semiconductor, new energy and other high-end fields of resin. Adopting a number of industry-leading resin finishing automatic production lines, strengthen the application of intelligent and digital manufacturing technology, carry out production standardization and data management, and have the large-scale production capacity of resin in high-end fields.

The company achieves the ultimate quality with high standards, and the resin achieves high purity through high-precision post-processing. Such as used in the production of semiconductor integrated circuit, display, hard disk, CD-ROM and other electronics industry in the manufacture of high purity water, running water resistivity of 18.2 mω.cm above, running water all ion leakage is very low, with excellent dynamic performance, mechanical strength and chemical stability, to meet the customer in the use of the index requirements.




R&D center

Technology Application Research and Development Center is one of the largest resin application laboratories in the domestic industry, with resin application performance test, simulation test, application performance research, application technology research and development of many different functions of the laboratory. A variety of professional experimental equipment is complete, by the professional application team with decades of experience in resin application to cooperate with customers to solve various difficult problems in the use of resin, is committed to providing customers with more scientific and effective resin application solutions.





Intelligent warehouse

The company has the industry's leading intelligent three-dimensional warehouse to meet the storage requirements of food grade, pharmaceutical grade, nuclear grade and other resins, while using sensors and automation equipment to optimize the retrieval and storage of goods, including WMS (warehouse management system) and ERP system to share key data, such as order information, goods flow status, etc. To realize the seamless connection of information and data, reduce errors and repeated input, effectively use space, and improve logistics efficiency, to provide customers with high quality, fast logistics support, improve the quality of modern logistics services.




Deep cultivation of the main industry, innovation leading. "Zhengguang" based on the domestic market, focus on the global layout, seize market opportunities, with industry-leading resin manufacturing technology advantages, focus on doing creative products, cultivate the internationally competitive high-end resin application market, and boost China's advanced manufacturing industry to a new level.





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