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Introduction of Zhengguang drinking water treatment resins

Release time: 2023-06-25

        Water is the source of life and the driving force of ecological civilization construction. During June 5th to 7th, Zhengguang was invited to participate in the “15th Aquatech Shanghai” Water Treatment Exhibition held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. In the three days exhibition, our whole house water purification series resins and innovative water treatment technology solutions, aroused great interest of domestic and foreign customers.


        Zhengguang is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers for drinking water treatment resin exported overseas, and has decades of technical application experience in serving domestic and foreign customers. We provide drinking water treatment resins to well-known international customers in the market and establish long-term strategic partnerships with these customers.







        The high purity of the drinking water treatment resins, which mainly used in the production process of various people's eating or drinking products, to ensure that the products produced meet the requirements of non-toxic and harmless, and do not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health. The resin adopts a new production process, after strict food-grade process treatment, to meet the GB/T 17219-2001 "Drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials Hygiene and safety Code", part of the drinking water treatment resins passed the NSF and WQA certification.







        DQ series drinking water treatment resins includes: ZG C107DQ, ZG C108DQ, ZG C110DQ, ZG C108FMDQ and other gel type strong acidic cationic resins, with the advantages of fast exchange speed, high mechanical strength, used in water dispenser, coffee machine, high-end aquaculture, flower planting water softening treatment, Can also be used for domestic water heaters, shower equipment, dishwashers and other water softening treatment. In household use, the same regeneration effect is achieved by adding less salt, which improves the utilization efficiency of the resin.



ZG F860


        ZG D890, ZG D893, ZG A891, ZG F860, ZG S820, ZG D870B and other macroporous food grade drinking water treatment resins, each resin has a special functional group, can be targeted to remove toxic and harmful substances in drinking water, such as nitrate, phosphate, perchlorate, fluorine, arsenic, boron and so on.


        In order to meet the high-quality water needs for thousands of families, purify the water environment of families and communities, improve the healthy water life experience of residents, and expand more drinking water application scenarios, Zhengguang will continue to develop innovative home softening resins, and continue to care for your family's healthy water life...

As a leading ion exchange resin manufacturer in China, Zhengguang is manufacturing an extensive resin series,
and delivering the supporting equipment and EPC project of separation & purification process.


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